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MSFC Freedom of Information Act
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MSFC Contracts (in alpha/numberic order)

Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL)

SLS PDR Data Package (documents approved for public release)

Columbia Related Documents


External Tank Contracts


- Memorandum: Closure of the External Tank (ET) Foam Anomaly Investigation Team and Recommendation for closure of the In Flight Anomaly (IFA)

- Wind Tunnel Testing at Arnold Engineering Development Center (89.77 MB)
A technical report on simulated multiple loads test of NCFI 24-124 foam applied to ET configured intertank thrust panels in Supersonic Wind Tunnel A at Arnold Engineering Development Center

- Technical Paper: An Overview of Quantitative Risk Assessment of Space Shuttle Propulsion Elements

- MSFC Problem Reporting and Corrective Action (PRACA) System

- Email Messages Shared by MSFC Engineers During Shuttle Missions

- Flight Readiness Statements - External Tank Project

- Award Fee Findings and Determinations for Contract NAS8-36200

- External Tank Project -- Annual Incident/Mishap Report Summary

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